About PQI

PT PQI is a national private company with Training, Consultation, Auditing and Coaching as core business

and known as PQI Consultant.
PQI Consultant was established in 2006 with PQI Consultant brand and

artered in Jakarta. Our service in Quality Management System and Improvement are supported by our quality excellence which are :

1. Support by many expertise in their own respected area
2. Ensuring clients confidential
3. Well experienced in crash program (short schedule) and recovery project
4. Equipped with systematic, clear and precise work schedule
5. Expertise who not only serve as ISO consultant but also serve as management strategic Consultant
6. Excellence program in overall company’s system which related with clients’ needs, such as Integrated System Program, maintenance Program, In-House Training Customized Program, etc
7. Competitive price

To be Catalyst for positive change to level up our client’s value by being the leading of provider solution on critical issue related to :
–  Strategic Management
–  Soft Management (People development, culture Building, attitude and moral)
–  Hard Management (Integrated Productivity, Q, S, H, E and Service Excellent)


– Professional in skill, Attitude and Motivation
– Enthusiasm Friendly
– Respect and Make effort to satisfy Clients
– Pro active to give effective solution

To be most reputable Consulting Firm, with holistic and advanced Consultation approach.